My concept of time is not available


one of my friends in class is wearing a shirt that says ‘i taught your girlfriend that thing you like’ trolololol

Shift everything
Reality lies in words
Respect art
See dr horrible
Massage the brain
Distance everything spaghetti noodles
Warm fuzzies

Heavy head
Cod wonder boy
Life is a play
All new people are new scenes, connected things

This is so bizarre
Everything comes in waves,
Aspects of the atmosphere evolve into specific puzzle pieces of other times



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This brownie is really kicking in
Congrats Julia

Alex turner is telling me how much he wants to mine


You’re a stone fox”

The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Sofia Coppola

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I’m too easily swayed
By film and books
I should just stop all together. Nothing but a box. Complete Japanese isolation. Will thoughts by in their purest form? Free of bias?

Shia le bouf is sexy
God p
Maybe I just need to have sec
And I will stop feeling this way

This movie is really great

i’ve become so reclusive
idk how i feel